Darkwizard's Gift and Novelty Emporium


​When I was a young lad growing up in Utah I used to take the bus to downtown Ogden and visit a magical place called "The Fun Shop." The Fun Shop was filled with all sorts of intriguing things, including cool t-shirts, gag gifts, novelty items and magic tricks. I used to go every chance I got. Even when I was broke and could only afford bus fare, I would spend my Saturday afternoons at the Fun Shop, asking the shop owner to show me new arrivals, explain how gag gifts work, or my favorite, to see magic tricks, which the shop owner was always willing to perform. I used to spend hours at this shop, and for me, a small kid in a small town, it was total bliss :)  

Fast forward 40 years. As an adult, I've never forgotten the fun I used to have in that shop, and with this website and online store, my hope is to try to emulate some of the magic and fun I experienced in my youth. Currently I have mostly T-shirts and mugs, and a few other assorted items, but I hope to expand into other things in the near future, such as magic tricks, gag gifts, etc.  

I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for improvement or thoughts about what else I can do with my site to make it more fun and intriguing. Thank you for stopping by.    

About Darkwizard's Gift and Novelty Emporium.  Cool T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and More!